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20 responses »

  1. says:

    want to know my marriage and carrier family life

  2. kishor patil says:

    where get me married? my hole married life

    • kundlionline says:

      Thanks for Astrological Query!

      That should be my honor to assist you by all the ways. For Free Astrological Query, Please Call Us 09907653495, 09827546483…….

      Har, Har, Har Mahadev…..!

      Gemstone and Rudraskha Seller at India

  3. Vedic Jewels says:

    Thanks for your advice! It was very helpful…

  4. aparna says:


    This is aparna.

    I got divorced few years back and now I want to re marry again. I want to marry a guy. If possible could you please tell me whether I will get married to this particular guy or not? I have given both details.

    My details

    DOB: 07/12/1982
    POB: Ongole , Andhra Pradesh
    TOB: 2:07 PM(afternoon)

    Guy’s details

    DOB: 28/10/1978
    TOB: 5.45am
    POB: Raichur, Karnataka


    • kundlionline says:

      Aparna ji,

      Thanks for your Astrological Query!

      Regarding your question:- Yes, you can marry. But better if you wait for 50 days.

      Have a nice time!

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

  5. ramanpreet kaur says:

    I have visa problem n fear to lost my family please help

    • kundlionline says:

      Thanks for Astrological Query!

      Aman Ji!

      lack of Knowledge about life, results fear. Know about you and your family. Fear will be no more. So, don’t fear!
      We are more than happy to assist you, Please give us your Birth details. Or call us to understand Process 09827546483, 09907653495, 08224046162

      Har, Har, Har Mahadev…………….!

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

  6. bv says:

    How is my love life in the future

    • kundlionline says:

      Please drop your birth details and follow procider. Call us to understand Process. 09827546483, 09907653495, 08224046162

      Har, Har, Har Mahadev…………….!

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

  7. Mayur Patil says:

    Thanks, Sir.

  8. prashant1969 says:

    When my property litigations with my twin brother will be solved? (his TOB – 21:00 PM)
    My details
    DOB- 17th August 1969, TOB- 21:10 PM, POB – Pune, Maharashtra

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