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Know about your Job, Going abroad, love, Marriage, Business, Health, Study, Income, Sex, Baby Astrology etc.!

We have mastered the technique of calculating accurate Astrology/ Horoscope, With our unique research and in-depth study. 100% Satisfaction!


Vedic Astrology Consultancy:

  • 290/- Rs 

  • 11$

  • Free For 5 Min


1. Paid Astrology: We offer Online/ On-phone Appointment (Instant Detailed discussion for 30 mins.)

2. Free Astrology: Please Call Us for a free 5 min introductory psychic evaluation.



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शिव-शक्ति आश्रम चित्रकूट

(Astrology, Pooja-padh, Vastu & Meditation)



8 responses »

  1. Tundy says:

    I like this astrology portal. I and my family uses there Astrology service since 2009. Thanks for your consultation.

    Tundy USA

  2. praveen kumar says:

    great astrologer and nice prediction towards my life i would love to thanks and oblieged

  3. sunil verma says:

    I talked with astrologer sh. Prem Ji & I was totally amaged the way he talked to me
    I am sure he defenately help me to come out from my problems

  4. shobhit says:

    great astrology, nice prediction

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