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Everybody take a birth in the special situation of planets, which is known as his horoscope. He got yogas according to the situation of planets in his horoscope. His education, carrier, marriage, children all these things decides in his horoscope. When he take a birth, when he will be happy, when he will be in trouble, when he will purchase a house-all these things depends at what timings/situation/Dasha a person born. According to that Dasha/antradasha, you can know about life events/incidents and what happened in Past, what is happening in present, what will happen in future, what are the achievements in present Dasha & future dasha, what kind of problem they indicates all this things can be know through the inspection of Dasha. In Indian astrology 43 Dasha is available through which we can know your future and the timings of events. Below said Dashas are most commonly used:
  • Vishontri dasha
  • Yogini dasha
  • Kalchakra dasha
  • Ashtotri dasha
We can analyze present time and incidents with the help of any one of  above mentioned Dasha.
  • a) Which Dasha and antradasha is running presently?
  • b) What is the relationship between Dasha and Horoscope’s Yoga?
  • c) What Dasha is Karak, Sadhana, Result oriented?
  • d) What is the relationship of Future and present Dasha?
  • e) What incident will happen in future?
  • If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies
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शिव-शक्ति आश्रम चित्रकूट

(Astrology, Pooja-padh, Vastu & Meditation)


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शिव-शक्ति आश्रम चित्रकूट

(Astrology, Pooja-padh & Vastu, Meditation)



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22 responses »

  1. Tarun says:



    when i will get job?

  2. pardeep says:

    hello sir mere bhai ki shadi nahi ho rhi h jis ki vjhe se hum chintit h unka name pardeep h D.of B. 01/01/1984 time 3am

  3. niranka says:

    which year wil i get married and wat will be my husband’s profession n will he be of same caste or intercaste?

    dob : 19/07/1988
    time 14 :59
    place : mumbai
    gender female

    • kundlionline says:

      Dear Niranka JI,

      Thanks for Astrological Query! According your Horoscope you will go for love marriage……….
      And for more Personalize query, please use Paid (Charity) Services…09907653495, 09827546483

  4. Vivek kumar tiwari says:

    Will i get a goverment job?if yes then when?

  5. priyanka roy says:

    which year will i get married and what will be my husband’s profession,and where will he live?

    dob:24th november,1987

    • kundlionline says:


      Thanks for Astrological Query! I fount your horoscope have very good strength. You will be married after 26 year of your age. Please, do fast of lord vishanu and Thursday fast.
      And for more Personalize query, please call us…..09827546483

      Have a nice time and Har, har, Har Mahadev………….!

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

  6. kundli online says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for aquorate Astrology. The counselling and solution suggested by you is very perfect for me. God bless you! And i will definitely came back, to take your serves back in future.

    One again thanks and regard to Astrologer Satyam Tiwari (Pt.) & http://www.kundlionline.wordpress.com

  7. Hello Concern,

    I really wish to know what is wrong with my planets as since last 2 years i m just loosing everything Name, Fame, Money, People. Unable to control my own brain and feeling difference within me. Lost everything whatever i earned and got into debt and now surrounded by people who love to harm me now. Seeking help which would be genuine.

    DOB 29th-Sep-1987 Time of Birth 0147 Hours Place Nagpur (Maharashtra)


    Aniket Deshmukh

    • kundlionline says:

      Dear AnkitJi!

      Thanks for Astrological Query! According horoscope, your planets are accosting. You need to do some Astrological remedies. And your present time is also not favorable. So, calculate before doing anything. Till next 2.5 year time is tough for you.
      And for more Personalize query, please call us…..09827546483

      Have a nice time and Har, har, Har Mahadev………….!

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

  8. Tarun says:

    My dob is 19-11-1992 time 2:45am place Secunderabad
    Actually I am facing a lot of problems
    Like relationship,job
    Could you please give me the related information..

  9. Sune says:

    Dear Astrologer Satyam Tiwari, Thank you very much for your business Astrological report. I found very much true. Now i am planing to be your regular member.

  10. Rajiv Chaturvedi says:

    recommend gemstones for my happy life & business prosperity.
    My DOB:19-06-1973, place:kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), time of birth:05.05 Am

    • kundlionline says:

      Rajiv Chaturvedi Ji,

      Thanks for Astrology query! Recommend gemstones for my happy life & business prosperity:- Panna and Opal…….!

      Please, Call us for more info 09827546483!

      Achaarya Satyam Tiwari

  11. Dario says:

    Hey very nice blog! Bhomi

  12. Aman pandit says:

    Thanks for another fantastic article. Where else may anyone get that
    type of information in such an ideals.
    Pandit Aman

  13. Menu says:

    A great man who changed me with the strength of God. Menu

  14. Supriya Agrawal says:

    First off I want to say great blog! thanks for advices, Many thanks!
    Supriya Agrawal

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