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  1. Valerkaoa says:

    Thanks for providing such a great astrology forum. I also used “paid service” Of And i found Prediction and remedies was very accurate. Conversation between me and (Astrologer Satyam Tiwari) was useful regarding “What is kaal sharp dosh? and What are remedies?”

    God bless you Sir!

    • kundlionline says:

      Kaal sharp Dosh:- Kaal meaus death. The person born under Kaal Sarp Yog passes through death like agonies throughout the life. The Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu.

      If in between Rahu & Ketu all seven planets comes then it is not good. The person who takes birth in this yog suffer from various problems like child problems, loss in business, family problems etc. Rahu is known as snack and Ketu is its tail. All planets comes under the execs of Rahu & Ketu because of which Kaal Sarp Yog is formed in horoscope.

      This KaalSarp Yog can be formed in any person’s horoscope like king, rich, president, prime-minister, peon, poor etc. and those who has KaalSarp Yog in their horoscope, instead of they have all kind of facilities but always suffer from any tension, fear, insecure.

      A person who has bitten by snack cannot sit comfortably like this a person who has KaalSarp Yog in his horoscope always fear from death. Why this yog is formed?. This yog is more dangerous than other malefic yoga. This yog effects a person till 47 years and some time throughout his life, its depend upon the position of kaal sarp yoga.

      So before taking any decision about yourself, know the answers of below given questions:-

      Is KaalSarp Yog formed in your horoscope?
      If yes, then which bhavs( houses in horoscope) are effected?
      Have you done his remedy?
      Relationhip between KaalSarp Yog & current dasha – anterdasha.
      If any problem is there than what the remedy of it?
      Remedy of this malefic kaal sarp yoga?

      Behavior Remedies:-
      1. Avoid Smoking.
      2. Try to stop non-veg Food.
      3. Help poor handy-caps.
      4. Before doing any new work check document and plan to reduce risk.

      En spiritual remedies:-
      1. Use Kaal sharp dosh yantra.
      2. Chant kaal sharp dosh mantra.
      3. Wear 8 mukhi Rudraksha.
      4. Give meal to black and white dog.
      5. Don’t wear Gomead gemstone.

  2. Putinfe says:


    Above written article kaalsharp dosh description is Very clear. Can any body wear gomadak gemstone for that particular issue?


  3. Rezvejei says:


    Which color Main door can paint for good luck?


    • kundlionline says:


      We are happy to answer you. According chines Vastu, We can paint North side door by Black or Blue color and South site door Red or Orange color and west site door should be painted by grey color or white and East site door color will be green or brown.

      Note:- Better if owner of the house do paint according there own horoscope.

      Hope that should help you! have a nice time………..

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

  4. Venktesh says:

    Dear Astrologer,

    Is abroad going can be predicted by Astrology? And what topic can help us to get success about to go to abroad. I mean precautions.

    I will be very thankful to you.

    • kundlionline says:

      Dear VenkteshJI!

      Thanks for your query! We are more than happy to Answer you. As per your Query.
      1. what topic can help us to get success about to go to abroad. I mean precautions.
      Answer—-> Know, What time is good for your trip according your horoscope? time(yog) for applying visa, which day, what remedies etc. Keep in touch with Astrologer till process is not finish.

      2. Is abroad going can be predicted by Astrology?
      Answer—-> Yes, abroad going can be predicted by Astrology.
      In earlier time, foreign trip & imprisonment both are the sign of problem because in both situation a person lives due to bad circumstances. 12th house of horoscope represent both things similarly foreign and jail, But in present changeable world all these things are wrong. Today every youth’s first choice is job in foreign. Especially in India and other Asian countries, everybody wants to go and get job in foreign. Major reason of this is attraction and benefits those are available in foreign. The big example of this is queues outside the embassy of countries like USA, England, Canada etc. But all those people who applied for visa don’t get visa. Only 25 – 30% people will successful in getting visa and other will spend all their money in foolish things and spoil their life. Those who are successful in getting visa is also not sure that they will spend their favorite life in foreign spend life in problem because the major reason of foreign trip is business, job or earning money. These things are directly connected with the situation of planets in your horoscope. You should know answers of all below said points before making efforts for foreign trip:-

      1. What is the strength of the horoscope on foreign trip or job front?
      2. Is any yoga of foreign trip in your horoscope?
      3. Will you become successful after going abroad?
      4. If your horoscope have foreign trip yoga than at what time you can go abroad.
      5. Problems in foreign trip & their remedies · If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies.

      Please click here to read more
      Have a Nice time! Har, Har, Har Mahadev………..

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari (B.E(I.T))

  5. Venktesh says:

    I am very thankful for your kind reply. That is very useful website where any one come get together and make fruitful conversation. I also used your paid astrology many times. And will return soon.

    One again Thanks very much!

  6. krovlinSa says:

    I am used your Astrology services 5 time and will came again. Your suggestion are very worthy. Thanks a lot Sir.

  7. japbogrit says:

    Perfact prediction, thanks for your prediction on phone! good luck!

  8. Kunadan says:

    i used your abroad going report which perfact. Thanks and regards, Kunadan!

  9. Ramanda says:

    Hello Pandit ji, What is my rashi? My name is kusum. Thanks and regards

    • kundlionline says:

      Thanks for your Astrological query! Your Rashi is Mithun/ Gemini.

      Have a nice time!

      Astrologer Satyam Tiwari

    • kundlionline says:

      santhosh kumar Ji,
      Topic: which stone is to wear?

      Thanks for query!

      There is to good reason to wear gemstone. First is your life long lucky gemstone for luck and for any specific problem related to your horoscope.
      Some of popular methods and reasons are listed below:
      Gemstones recommended based on your ascendant rashi lord. Gemstones can alter your life, luck, punya and also recommended Gemstones, qualities of the gemstone, wearing instructions and mantra all effect to your life.
      There is a very simple logic to wear Gemstone is to keep that planets maximum effects with you by wearing the Gemstone. If you want any of your particular Planets maximum effect on your body and life, you can wear the related Gemstone. Related Gemstone will maximize the effects of those particular planets in your life.

      It means if you wear the Gemstone of a benefic planet according to your horoscope, you will gain more benefits from that planet, but if you wear the Gemstone of a malefic planet you may be in trouble as you have increase the power of your enemy planet.

      Now if you are really worried about, which Gemstone you should wear you must get your horoscope read by expert Astrologer of Gemology.

  10. santhosh kumar agepati venkata says:

    Dear Sir,

    Topic: which stone to wear (ware)?

  11. Pankaj says:

    Panditji obviously has an incredible gift. It was a great privilege for me to spend time with him.

  12. Suny says:

    I own 1 mukhi, 6 mukhi and 7 mukhi rudraksh. Awesome quality and support (quick responses)

  13. Veshanu says:

    I buy panna and quality is very fine and other free services with that product is awesome!

  14. Samdsaa says:

    I must say worlds best website and Astrologer Achaarya Satyam Tiwari. And excellent part of Astrology is there prediction and charity whish is very perfect any one can donate.

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