We have Several options to serve you Astrological Care Services.   Per Question Solution Or Take Our Membership.   

                                                                                                                                                                                ******1. Free Discussion*******

            ********************Our Paid Service************************

                 *********2. Per Question Rs 151/- (For 15 Min) OR $3*********

******3. Spacial Appointment Per Question (In brief/ For 25 Min)  Rs 251/- Or $5*******


*****4. Spacial Charges for Online Appointment (In brief/ For 25 Min) Rs 1100/- Or $23****

  **************************Our Membership*************************   

5. Membership for 1 month Rs 140/-  OR $3(*4 times per month)      Then Pay Now!! Click  Below  

        Copy of btn_donateCC_LG

6Membership for 3 months Rs 300/-  OR $6(*9 times per 3 months)                                 

7Membership for 6 months Rs 500/-  OR $10 (*11 times per 6 months)                        

8. Membership for 12 months Rs 900/-  OR $17(*14 times per 12 months)

9Membership for life time  Rs 2000/- $50(*11 times per 12 months)     Copy of btn_donateCC_LG

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask. Or Give us your valuable feedback, Click Below Thanks………!     

                     Contact us 2images




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