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Charity For Astrology Online Care Services !! 
I am an Er. (IT) experiencing Online Astrology professionally from  more than 12 years. Since, year 1993. I have been Studying  Astrology by My respected Gurus. Our prediction publish, time to time in newspapers, FM as well as TV. We run astro- awareness programs, time to time  for the sake of  all human being  welfare!! We strongly believe Astrology can solve every problem quickly……
Make Sure, Bright Future By Top Astrologers! know ur future & high bread it! We believe in, 100% certification…………….
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask or comments  on our post. Give us your valuable feedback at the bottom of this page, Thanks………!
Note: 1.  We use Charity for Astrology research and development. So, Please do charity, as much you can!
Er. (I.T) Krishn Tiwari,
Mob.:- 09907653495,  09827546483     (Help line No.)
Mail:- Krishnconsultancy@gmail.com,
Skype Name:- satyamtiware,
Facebook Id:- satyamtiware,


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17 responses »

  1. naresh says:

    very useful advice, thank you god bless you Sir ..!!

  2. SIBASHIS says:

    Bahut prabhavashali phaladesh hai. Dhanyawada……

  3. Priyanka Tiwari says:

    Thank You sir for your magical advice… Thanks for providing me an effective resolution for my query…… Will avail your service soon.


  4. santhosh kumar agepati venkata says:

    A Fascinating man following a fascinating profession thanks a lot!

  5. Anant Sharma says:

    I am delighted that I have got to know Achaarya Satyam Tiwari ji. He is quite accurate and it was pleasure meeting him.
    Anant Sharma

  6. Subhanshu Desai says:

    Acharya Satyam Tiwari is a great man who changed me with the strength of God. God-bless him!
    Subhanshu Desai

  7. Akur says:

    Panditji obviously has an incredible gift. It was a great privilege for me to spend time with him.


  8. Vinod Sharma says:

    Achaarya Satyam Tiwari ji is a real expert in the field of astrology and Prashna kundli. Her response to the requiement of the clients very quickly and give highly satisfactory advises. I wish hem all the best and success.
    Vinod Sharma (Er.)

  9. Jon Toni says:

    I have never had a reading that was so dead on. I could see myself in just about every line. The craziest thing said in my reading concerning areas in my life where I might be weak in or need to improve on are exactly the area where I struggle in. I was totally amazed.”

    — Jon, U.S.

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